COVID-19 UPDATE April 2021

PHYSIOTHERAPY REMAINS OPEN in TIER 4!!! Face to Face Physiotherapy Consultations are constantly being risk assessed and procedures are in place to ensure the safety of staff, therapists and clients. Jill Kerr Physiotherapy Limited is strictly following Government, NHS and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy guidelines. A triage assessment either via telephone or virtually is required to clinically justify whether Face to Face or Virtual sessions are most appropriate for you the client. All procedures in place are to minimise the spread of COVID-19. All the Physiotherapists have now received both vaccinations and will be wearing appropriate PPE in clinic. We thank our clients for their loyalty and support and hope you keep safe and well.

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Treatment will be tailored to your needs, clearly explained and the aim will be for a speedy reduction in your pain and symptoms and return normal activity as soon as possible.

All the treatment options available are open to all patients as long as there are no contra indications for that individual patient and pathology. The treatments chosen for each patient have specific purposes for helping to return the patient to full function. Treatments are aimed to help to reduce pain, improve range, gain strength/stability and rehabilitate to full pain free function for each individual patient. Manual therapy, ie hands on will be expected at appointments within the clinic unless this is deemed inappropriate for the condition being treated. Explanation of what to expect and ensuring the treatments are improving your condition are at the heart of our key aims:

Treating you better!

Treatments include:

One to One Pilates

Pilates is an excellent way to improve your core muscle strength and control. It is a perfect addition to MSK Physiotherapy for back pain sufferers and can help reduce the chances of recurrence. One to one bespoke sessions with our Physiotherapist who has done extensive training in Pilates are an ideal way to grasp the basics under the beady eyes of the expert. We offer one hour virtual Pilates 1:1 sessions and 45 minute 1:1 face to face sessions in the clinic.

Taping and strapping

Using a variety of different tapes from zinc oxide, to fixomull and kineseotape. Strapping can be used for a variety of reasons for all areas withing the Musculoskeletal system: Support to injured structures to improve function: Offloading the injured part: Facilitating sensory and proprioceptive information to previously injured area. The strapping used will be specifically tailored to your specific needs/requirements.

Neural Mobilisations

Neural mobilization techniques can be used to help to reduce sensory changes within the central and peripheral nervous system. Specific techniques are chosen to facilitate the reduction in your symptoms. A full explanation of what to expect from this treatment and how it can work will be given to you.

Injection therapy

We offer Hyaluronic Acid Injections into Knee joint and Thumb joints for Mild to Moderate Degeneration/Osteoarthritis.

Specific advice/education?

Following the assessment and you have had an explanation of your specific problem we will tailor advice for your condition that is individual and specific to your lifestyle demands and requirements. You can expect clear explanation and direction to the best way to manage your problem and ways you can help yourself as well as what you can expect from Physiotherapy. Simple pathology and anatomy explanations will be given so you understand the reasons for your treatment and self care.


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Western Acupuncture is on offer within the clinic to treat a wide variety of MSK conditions both acute and chronic. You can expect a full explanation of what to expect with acupuncture. We will give you an information sheet of what to expect and a consent form to sign. The acupuncture can be used as a treatment on its own or as an adjunct to other manual therapies. For a stand alone treatment for chronic pain benefits can take more sessions of treatment to feel the long term benefits.

Electrotherapy including?ultrasound, interferential and TENS machine

All forms of electrotherapy are based on using different energy sources to aid the healing process and reduce pain. The energy is transferred to the cells within the soft tissues and this is used for therapeutic benefit. The form of electrotherapy chosen and the settings used in your treatment will be set specifically for the type of condition you have.

Bespoke exercise regimes?

No two people are identical in their MSK presentation to the physiotherapist: work demands and lifestyle demands will vary hugely between individuals. Therefore we deem it very important that the exercises you are given are tailored to fit into your life demands and enable you to return to your full activity level. You will not be given standard exercise sheets but a few specific exercises aimed to help you return to full function. The physiotherapist will check on follow up appointments that you are performing the exercises correctly and how to progress them.

Manipulation techniques

Manipulation is a minimal amplitude high velocity technique perfomed at the end of available range and should be pain free. These are used mainly for spinal lesion of a mechanical origin where there are no contra indications. The benefit of manipulation is a speedy positive response to treatment. The clinicians receive advance training to ensue the delivery of the technique is safe and specific. The clinicians are aware of the tissue response to manipulation by reassessing the patients symptoms between techniques.

Mobilisation techniques

Joint mobilisations are used for peripheral and spinal lesions. These techniques aim to improve joint mobility and reduce pain. There are numerous techniques available for the clinicians to choose from and the techniques chosen are deemed the best for the patients at that time. Techniques are progressed or changed depending on the response of your problem to the techniques.

Soft tissue work including? myofascial release techniques , transverse?frictions and other massage? techniques- massage is traditionally where physiotherapy started and hands on treatment by the physiotherapists can be expected. The various techniques are used to improve function and reduce pain and the benefits can be immediate. The type of technique chosen will be designed to help to facilitate your soft tissues back to pain free normal function. These are used on ligament sprains, muscle tears, tendinopathy and spinal pain.

Proprioception and balance exercises

Post injury of joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons can lead to a disruptions of your internal balance mechanisms. The proprioceptors tell your brain where your body is in space. When you injure the joints and soft tissues this mechanism is disrupted and it is essential those pathways are re awakened to prevent recurrence of the injury. You will be given exercises that a re appropriate and specific to your injury and lifestyle requirements.

For more information on the conditions we treat and the services we offer or to book an appointment please call 0131 447 9990 or email us at